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How to make an order

To make an order put the goods into the virtual cart of our online store.

After you finish the order picking, proceed to the “Cart” and fill the form. Click the 'Send order' button.

One order can contain up to 5 different items. The number may be later increased at the Seller’s discretion.

While processing the orders of the Buyer the employee will always connect with the Buyer at the contacts given. It may be done by sending the message in the Tellegram, Whatsapp messengers or by sending an email in order to get extra information on the Product and its availability before the order fulfillment begins. Further information must be verified:

  • Final cost
  • Product options
  • Loyalty program possibilities
  • наличия иных скидок,
  • Extra discounts availability
  • Order details and the delivery date
  • Delivery method with the price
  • Goods availability
  • Time required for order processing

The site data on availability, price, product appearance and the estimated delivery date may vary only due to the technical errors.

The Seller retains the right to give extra discounts and arrange his own loyalty program. Types of discounts and other bonuses, the terms and conditions for the bonus accrual are defined by the seller ang given on the site. They can be further changed by the Seller unilaterally.

The conditions are considered and agreed by the Parties and the order is accepted only after verification by the employee in form of email or WhatsApp/ Telegram message and the sales transaction terms acceptance.

In the absence of items ordered by the Buyer the Seller retains the right to exclude the item from the final order or to cancel the order entirely after notifying the Buyer either in form of email or WhatsApp/ Telegram message on the contacts given by the Buyer on registration or in form of a telephone call.

In case of cashless payment the refund processing time depends on The Acquirer Bank.

The Buyer is aware that the refund processing time depends on the third party. The Seller is not responsible for the third-party actions. Therefore, the Seller, for his part, takes all the necessary actions to meet the Buyer’s demands.

Once the order is created on the Site, the information on the estimated delivery time is provided to the Buyer in form of email or WhatsApp/ Telegram message on the contacts given by the Buyer on registration. Our employee provides the tracking number to the Buyer.

The date of handling the goods may be changed by the Seller unilaterally if there are objective reasons from the Seller’s perspective. This includes the cases of handling the goods to the third party for transportation purpose.

If the Buyer chooses the “pickup” delivery option, the reservation time does not exceed 24-hours from the moment of the order verification. This period may be changes by the Seller unilaterally according to the residual quantity of the goods and their demand.

The “pickup” delivery option is recognized as a retail Workshop-sale and is not affected by the Distance selling rules.